This is a blog about silence. Because it has become a rare thing.

I visit places worldwide  – mainly Europe – where I can find silence in order to relax, focus and write. Often these places are religiously inspired such as monasteries and abbeys, or just peculiar resorts. I myself am not a religious person, although I was raised in a catholic-based society in Belgium. A few years ago I chose to be de-baptised since I have no belief in a god nor in the actual institute of the church. I do like to visit religious places and live shortly amongst these communities because I have deep respect for their way of life and what they mean to people. I believe in what they do. I try to believe in a future where this heritage regains meaningful purpose for more people.

The abbeys I write about are the ones that accept women in the same areas as where the male guests are received, which unfortunately, is no obvious situation in several abbeys. The rates mentioned are basic prices, students and people on welfare can often negotiate lower rates.

Beware that silence may be difficult for some people. Silence is great but can be very confronting just as well.

This blog is about sharing useful information on silent locations.  Feel free to let me know about interesting places you might know.


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